7 White Foosball Table Options That Actually Look Good

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A white foosball table makes an awesome compliment to any room. The neutral color adds an element of sophistication rather than looking completely like like a toy.

white foosball table

We've compiled 7 fantastic options below.

KICK Foosball Table Fantasy

KICK Fantasy 48' Foosball Table

This attractive white foosball table won’t just add beauty and light to any space, but it is packed with great features that ensure that players are always going to be able to enjoy an incredible game, no matter their skill level. Thanks to the sturdy leg levelers, it’s easier than ever to ensure a flat and level playing field, and the chrome plated rods are designed to withstand a lot of wild games without being damaged.

In addition, this table can have a one or three goalie design, depending on player preference, which is great for newbies who may not feel very confident playing foosball and need a little extra help. With a ball return on each side of the table, you never have to worry about losing the ball during play, as it will always be within easy reach of one player after their opponent scores. The ease at which players can start a game on this table and how well they will be able to control the ball is sure to give even beginning players a lot of confidence when using this foosball table.


  • Instructions are clear and make assembling the table fast and easy

  • Features slide scoring on each side for easy score tracking


  • There are reports of the table arriving damaged

  • Some users have reported that the playing field is thin

Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table

Garlando G-500 Pure White Foosball / Soccer Table - Premium Game Room and Arcade Equipment for Indoor Recreation - Includes 10 Standard Balls, Medium

This is an incredibly stylish foosball table that will look great in most any space thanks to the muted color scheme, which really sets it apart from other tables on the market. Not only does it look great, but it is loaded with features that are designed to make play as fast and as fun as possible. The silver powder on the legs is not only complementary to the white, but it protects the legs and prevents them from being damaged.

The telescopic steel bars are designed to be rust resistant, which means that you won’t have to worry about their condition. Additionally, the high-quality steel bearings are designed to prevent wrist strain and stress during games, which is great for avid users as they won’t have to worry about the safety or condition of their wrists. Since the rods move so quickly during games, it’s easy for players to improve their foosball abilities and to feel more confident when playing this game.


  • Thanks to the quality of materials used, this foosball table is incredibly sturdy and strong

  • Bright white cabinet and playing field are attractive and easy to clean


  • Some users have reported that the table has a few exposed screws, which can be dangerous

  • There are reports of the players being difficult to control and looking low quality due to their construction

Roberto Sport Scout International Foosball Table

Users who are in the market for a white foosball table, but want one that still has a splash of color will appreciate the bright green playing field, the blue and red players, and the black leg and ball return on this foosball table. The white cabinet is durable and easy to wipe down when it gets dirty, which means that you can keep this table looking its best without a lot of work or problems.

The unbreakable glass playing field is made from 5 mm tempered glass, and is designed to withstand even the roughest play without being damaged. The rounded player feet ensures that users have complete control over the ball when playing and that they will be able to easily pass the ball around the playing field and even to themselves while maintaining control and speed. This allows for players to consistently improve when using this table.


  • The black plastic legs are reinforced, thanks to crossbars to ensure that the table doesn’t shift or wobble during play

  • Telescopic rods ensure safe gameplay and do not come completely out of the table


  • There are reports of the black and white contrasting too much with each other and the table not having a clean and sleek look that many people may expect

RS Barcelona #3 White Foosball Table

RS Barcelona #3 White Foosball Table

This foosball table is a great combination of great gameplay thanks to the high-quality components, as well as amazing appearance, thanks to the design that went into the piece. Made from a polyester painted steel, users never have to worry about the table shifting or moving out of position during play, as it is incredibly durable and strong and designed to stay in one place during even the rowdiest games. This makes this table great for use in a home as well as in a business where it will get more use.

The players are all attractively painted and have great attention to detail so that the paint isn’t smeared, and the player rods are easy to move and to control, thanks to the durable handles. In addition, the legs have crossbars on them to ensure that the table doesn’t shift or wobble, as this can greatly affect gameplay. Finally, this white foosball table has been engineered to the highest quality, so assembly is fast and easy thanks to the great components and materials used.


  • Includes five standard balls, as well as two silent balls

  • Can be used outside, and an optional cover is sold separately to protect the table from damage


  • There are some reports of the table being difficult and heavy to move once it is assembled

Elevate Customs Elements Foosball Table

Elevate Customs Elements Foosball Table

Not only are the gorgeous legs on this table incredibly supportive, but they have been hand stained to ensure that the natural beauty of the woodgrain is improved and highlighted. It’s the attention to the smallest details on this table that really sets it apart from others on the market and makes it a table that will look great in any home. The bright white cabinet contrasts beautifully with the legs and has chrome finishes to ensure that the colors really pop.

In addition to looking great, this foosball table has been professionally designed to offer some of the best play possible. Attention to detail ensures that the playing field is perfectly level, the players are securely attached to the rods, and that the ball rolls smoothly and evenly across the playing surface. Unlike other foosball tables, this one is elevated in terms of its style and its play, making it a wonderful choice for a discerning foosball aficionado.


  • Gorgeous wooden legs give the foosball table a midcentury modern appeal

  • Sleek and modern look is improved upon due to the use of white and black players that fit with the overall color scheme of the table


  • High price tag may make it difficult for some people to afford this table

Generate Design Pure Foosball Table

Generate Design Pure Foosball Table

This minimalist foosball table really stands out from others not only because of its light and airy color scheme, but also because of the design of the table itself. The wood elements on the table add to its overall beauty and give it a natural look that is really appealing and looks great in most any home.

While play on this table is fast and high quality, the table itself is a work of art that is set apart by the design. Side exits for the balls ensure that players can easily grab them and continue play, and the design of the rods ensures that nobody will ever be injured when watching, playing, or walking around the table. Thanks to the incredible attention to detail in this gorgeous foosball table, it will become not only a game table that is fun to use, but also a piece of art that will elevate any room in a home.


  • The light wood and white give the foosball table an airy and Scandinavian feel, which will brighten up any room

  • The rounded edges of the table ensure that nobody will be injured on a sharp corner, which is great for families with kids


  • Some users have reported not finding the shape of the cabinet very appealing

  • There are reports that it can be difficult to distinguish between players, as they are not in contrasting colors

Garlando Weatherproof Foosball Table

Garlando G-500 Foosball Table, 50” Inch, Weatherproof, Indoor & Outdoor - Premium Soccer Table for Game Room, Bars, and Patios, Includes 10 Balls, white (26-7938)

One thing that really sets this foosball table apart from others on the market is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors without any fear of the table being damaged. This means that it’s incredibly versatile and great for an active family, no matter where they want to set it up. The heavy-duty legs are designed to provide the best possible stability to the table so that it won’t wobble or move during play, and the heavy-duty laminate playing field is attached with water-proof glue.

Not only will this table be able to withstand any weather, but it looks great and offers incredible play, as well. Thanks to the abacus scorers, exit for ball recovery, and leg levelers, it’s easy to use and will last for a long time without showing signs of wear and tear.


  • Attractive playing surface is complemented by the blue and white players, making this a beautiful foosball table

  • Telescopic rods are not only safe for all players and onlookers, but slide and roll easily thanks to quality components


  • Some users have reported blemishes on the table upon opening the box

  • There are reports of the handle grips being narrow and a little difficult for players to easily grab and control

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