Where to Buy Foosball Balls (10 Best Places Online and In-Store)

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Once you know what size of foosball balls you want to use in your table, then you need to make sure that you buy them from a reliable and reputable company. Choosing the right company will ensure that you have a wide selection to choose from and that you get your new balls at a great price. 

foosball man with focus on balls

Many new foosball players are surprised at the wide number of options that they have when it’s time for them to shop for new balls.

Let's check out the options...

1. Amazon

Amazon is a giant and is known for being a great option for buying anything foosball related. This means that new foosball players, as well as more advanced players, who need to buy balls, a new table, replacement men, or even fun foosball gear won’t be disappointed when they shop here. Shopping with Amazon is an obvious choice for anyone who lives in a location without a local store that sells foosball items. Because they offer such a wide range of different balls, including ones in various sizes, colors, and made from different materials, Amazon is a top destination for many people.

In addition to selling foosball equipment and balls, Amazon makes it easy to buy foosball related gear that shows off a person’s passion for the sport. From posters and coffee mugs to t-shirts and bumper stickers, foosball fans and players can easily buy anything that they need to show off their love of the sport.

2. Walmart

While Walmart doesn’t offer quite the same large selection as Amazon does, it’s still a great option for people looking for table balls, and other accessories. Walmart is a great option for foosball players looking for new balls because they not only offer a wide selection to choose from, but also various shipping methods, making it easy for foosball fans to get their hands on new balls without much delay.

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Not only can foosball fans shop online for new balls and a new table, but some people have a Dick’s in their town, making it easy to pick up balls quickly when they are in a hurry. Unfortunately, Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t offer the same wide range and variety as other stores do, but it is a great option for anyone who is in a pinch and needs to get some new foosball balls right away.

4. Target

Not only does Target sell foosball balls, but they also sell tables to go along with them. They offer tables in a wide range of prices, making it possible for foosball fans to choose one that fits their budget. Additionally, some Target stores have foosball balls in stock, making it easy for players to stop in and grab some when they need new balls. With a wide range of tables to choose from, as well as a few different ball options, this is a great one-stop shop.

5. Game Room Guys

Known to be one of the most knowledgeable sites on the internet when it comes to table games and items needed for game rooms, Game Room Guys is a great option for shopping for foosball balls. They offer many options to choose from, as well as advice as to which balls are right for your specific table. In addition to balls, they sell tables and even kits that include protective covers for the tables and oil.

6. Warrior Table Soccer

When you want to buy professional balls or a high-quality table, then you need to consider what the experts at Warrior Table Soccer have to offer. They also sell accessories and replacement parts, which is great for foosball fans who love their table, but need to repair it. Additionally, they offer custom foosball balls, which are wonderful for use in a business or by a huge foosball fan, as they are sure to make a playing experience even more enjoyable.

7. Foosball.com

This is an incredibly comprehensive site that offers plenty of information on the sport of foosball, forums for players, and even a store. Users can buy balls, tables, replacement parts, and even fun accessories and clothing. With options such as LED lighting for a foosball table and wristwraps to decrease the possibility of being injured in a game, it’s easy to see how this company offers everything that foosball players need to enjoy the game.

8. Billiard Factory

Known for producing high-quality home games and entertainment furniture, Billiard Factory also sells foosball balls so that players can enjoy their new table right away. In addition, foosball fans can buy replacement players for their table, as well as bearings, rods, bumpers, silicone, and even DVDs to help them learn how to better play the sport. It’s a great place to buy accessories, but not the table itself.

9. Thompson Sporting Goods

This world famous game room store is known for having everything that you need to set up your dream game room, and their selection of foosball balls is surprisingly thorough and impressive. They offer many different categories of balls, including textured, cork, smooth, novice, professional, and even a great “sampler” option so that foosers can try out a few different types of foosball balls to find the type that is the best for them. Additionally, they offer tables, players, replacement parts, cleaners, covers, and even build-it-yourself kits for the ultimate DIYer.

10. Home Depot

Many foosball fans are surprised to learn that they can buy foosball balls at Home Depot. While they don’t offer the most varied options, this is a great way for people in smaller towns to get their hands on new balls. They don’t generally carry them in store, but these balls can be shipped to a store for free pickup. Additionally, Home Depot has some tables and even foosball wall art for sale.

Any of these 10 great retailers are a wonderful option to consider when buying foosball balls. They all have a great selection and are known for providing high-quality balls to their customers. Remember that while it’s important to compare prices, it’s also necessary to make sure that you opt for a retailer who delivers high-quality products that are built to last and survive regular use.