What is the Human Foosball Game? (Do You Know How to Play?)

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What is the Human Foosball Game?

People are constantly coming up with new ideas and games to play. This creativity gets applied to classic games, too, so that they can be played in intriguing new ways.

Foosball has been around for almost a century. There’s been plenty of time to come up with various ways to play it so it stays fresh over the course of its lifespan.

Human foosball is a game clearly inspired by foosball. But what is the human foosball game, and how do you play it?

This is a fun topic to explore. We’ll tell you what we’ve found, and then maybe you can give the game a try in the future.

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What is the Human Foosball Game?

You probably know a bit about how foosball works. It’s essentially a mini soccer field, with small human figurines on rods. There are goals on either end of the table, and the objective is to get a tiny ball into the goals.

Human foosball takes this same concept and magnifies it. Rather than having miniature figurines, real people are used. They play in an enclosed space with poles laid across it and can only move while holding onto the poles instead of running freely.

If you click the video below, you can see a demonstration of what human foosball looks like when it’s played.

How to Play Human Foosball

There are some rules for human foosball that you’ll need to follow if you’d like to play. We’ll cover a few of the basics here so you have an idea of how to begin, but we recommend checking out the full set of rules if you want some more details.

The first and most basic rule is that players must keep their hands on the bars at all time while the ball is on the field. They must stand up and hold on to the bar – they cannot lower themselves below it.

It is possible to touch the ball with your arms if it becomes airborne. It’s permissible to use your elbows or shoulders to bump the ball back, as long as your hands stay in place on the bar.

Players must try to keep the ball inside the enclosed field. If a player is caught purposefully kicking the ball outside of the field, their team will be penalized.

There are different kinds of fouls for various penalties. You can see a full list of them in the rules.

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Wrap Up

Human foosball takes the fun and classic game of foosball and makes it giant-sized…or in this case, people-sized. We personally think it looks like a blast. It’s perfect for small backyards or other homes with a restricted amount of space.

Hopefully, as time goes on, there will be even more fun and unique ways to honor tabletop games.