What Does a Foosball Table Look Like? (A Quick Description)

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What Does a Foosball Table Look Like?

Most people could easily picture a foosball table in their heads if they were asked. But for many others, that isn’t possible, especially if they were never exposed to the game.

Even if you were exposed to foosball at some point, you might be curious to see all the different characteristics a table can have and how they vary.

For the aforementioned reasons, we’ve written this short guide to what a foosball table looks like. We’ll be examining parts of the standard table, and how they look.

What Does a Foosball Table Look Like: A Quick Description

Hathaway Games Hurricane Foosball Table

A foosball table is recognizable with nothing more than a quick peek. They usually have four legs and a wooden frame. If you ignored the top, they might look like any other table.

However, once you get to the top, things get a little interesting. There are eight rods going through the table from side to side, with handles on one end of each rod.

In the middle of the rods, there are miniature soccer player figurines. The tabletop beneath these figurines is marked to resemble a soccer field with lines in the middle and around the goals.

Many foosball tables will also have scorekeeping abacuses above the goals on the opposite ends. Pictured above is a pretty standard foosball table.

Characteristics of a Foosball Table

You now have a general idea of what a foosball table looks like. Beyond the general idea, though, there can be a lot of variation in appearance.

Foosball tables don’t all look exactly the same. That’s a good thing, because they can suit a variety of preferences and interests.


ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

One thing that can be different from foosball table to foosball table is the color of the tabletop. Green is the standard color, but that certainly isn’t the only color available to you. 

The material of the tabletop can also change, too. Wood is one of the most common components in the tabletop, but you’ll also occasionally see things like metal or plastic.

Above this paragraph, we’ve included a picture of the ESPN foosball table, which has a remarkable black tabletop. The look of a black tabletop is sleek and refined.

Rods and Figures

RS Barcelona Indoor Outdoor Metal Foosball Table

Here’s a fact you might not know if you haven’t played a lot of foosball: the little figurines on the rods are called foos men. They’re also one aspect that can make a particular table unique.

These foos men come in a variety of colors. Each player controls half of them, so you’ll see the colors of the foos men on one table split in half between the teams. Red and blue is a very traditional color combination. However, black/white and red/black are two other popular color combinations for tables.

The rods can also have their own distinct looks. Generally, they’re made from steel, but the handles on the ends oftentimes differ. Consider the above RS Barcelona Indoor/Outdoor table, for example, which has beautiful wooden handles.

Frame and Legs

Best Choice Products 48in Competition Sized Foosball Table, Arcade Table Soccer for Home, Game Room, Arcade w/ 2 Balls, 2 Cup Holders

The frame and legs are probably the first parts that catch your eye when you look at a foosball table. This makes sense, given that that these components are the most visible.

Because of this, you’ll see a lot of personalization in the frame and legs. For the most part, no two tables look exactly the same in this regard.

You can find tables with warm and organic-looking wood frames, tables with sleek metallic frames, and tables with a classic combination of wood and metal. Some tables even have designs on their frames to sprinkle in some visual intrigue.

The table pictured above, the Best Choice Products Competition-Sized Foosball Table, is a prime example of a table designed to have the natural look of wood.

Wrap Up

When most people picture a foosball table, they’re probably imagining something chunky, blocky, and clumsy-looking. Others may have never even seen a foosball table at all.

The truth is, regardless of what your preconceived notions of a foosball table are, each one can look wholly unique. No matter what your tastes and preferences are, there is definitely a foosball table out there to match them.

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