How to Serve in Foosball (An Easy Strategy for All Skill Levels)

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How to Serve in Foosball

Much like tennis, the ball needs to be served in foosball to start each match. The serve really matters – if you don’t serve the ball correctly, you can hand your opponent an advantage on a silver platter.

That’s why we’ve written this short guide on how to serve in foosball. Use the tips we describe, and you can improve your serve so that you start the game on the right foot time after time.

Let’s take a closer look.

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What Does Serving Mean?

For beginners, let’s pause to describe what serving the ball means. The term is better known to those familiar with foosball, but not everyone has played the game.

Beginning the game requires someone to serve the ball. This refers to putting the ball onto the playing field through dispensers located on either side of the table.

Serving the ball gives the server a huge advantage. For that reason, the first serve is determined randomly with a coin flip.

Thereafter, the server for each match is whoever was scored on last. This is to even the playing field so that one player doesn’t build up an insurmountable advantage over the other.

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How to Serve in Foosball

Serving the ball isn’t difficult, but there is a bit of a method to it. If you just shoved the ball into the opening on the side, you wouldn’t get much out of it. In fact, an experienced opponent might be able to take advantage of your serve if you don’t do it right.

When you serve the ball, your goal should be to spin the ball towards your own five-bar. This might sound illegal, but it actually isn’t, and it’s encouraged among serious players.

You can practice serving the ball towards yourself easily. Take the ball in your right hand and use your left cover the side of the ball dispenser that’s inside the table so the ball can’t drop in right away.

Place the ball in the hole, but don’t move your hand just yet. Place your thumb on the ball, a little to the left of the top.

Now you can remove your left hand and grasp the five-bar. As you push the ball through the serving hole with your thumb, apply pressure to spin it counter-clockwise. The ball will slide towards your own five-bar, giving you the advantage.

Here’s a short video demonstrating how to properly serve the ball.

Wrap Up

The beginning of every single foosball game is the serve. Get the serve wrong, and you could effectively be giving the other player a point.

Learning how to serve the ball so that it benefits you most will enable you to get a leg up on your competition right away. The good news is, serving the ball so that it spins towards your own five-bar is actually pretty easy.