How Much Does a Foosball Table Cost? (And What to Expect by Price)

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If you're trying to figure out how much a foosball table costs, then you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll break down the different price ranges of foosball tables and what you can expect for how much you'll pay. This way you get prioritize what's important to you and figure out what you're willing to pay for...

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The Average Cost of a Foosball Table

Many foosball fans are really surprised when they start shopping for a table for the first time and realize how much the price of tables can vary. It’s easy to find small tabletop games for as low as $20 and to also see high-quality table that are $4,000 or even more. However, most people looking to buy a decent table can expect to spend between $700 and $1,150.

Tables in this price range are not going to be the highest quality ones on the market, but they are going to have enough features and they aren’t going to immediately fail when used. When shopping for a foosball table in this price range, you will want to make sure that it is a good brand and that they are known for producing high-quality tables that are built to last, as this will keep you from having to spend a lot of money on repairs and upkeep in the future.

What to Expect by Price

Low Price Range (Up to $250)

father and daughter playing on low price range foosball table

Foosball tables in a low-price range aren’t going to be built to last nearly as long as ones in the medium or high range. They generally not only feel lower quality, but also look it as well, so it’s important to really decide if you want a table in this price range.

Smaller Size

Generally speaking, low price range foosball tables won’t be as large as high price range ones will. They are often designed for children or to be set up on the floor or a table top.

Lower Wood Quality

It’s not very common to find low price range foosball tables that are made from all hardwood, which means that they aren’t going to be very sturdy. These tables are often made from pressed wood, which is perfect for use by children, but can be frustrating for adults to play on.

Light Rods

It can be hit or miss if the rods on a low-price foosball table telescope. They are often really light and not made from a durable metal, which means that they can bend during intense games.

Medium Price Range ($250 - $1000)

casual players on medium price range foosball table

Foosball tables in the medium price range are often the sweet spot for foosball fans who want a decent table, but don’t have a lot of money to spend. While they don’t have all of the high-quality features of high price range tables, they are designed to be more durable and attractive than tables in a lower price range, making them a good option for a lot of foosball fans.

Decent Handle Design

While these handles may still be made of plastic, and not wood, such as high price range tables, they are generally ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long games of foosball.

Higher-Quality Men

There is usually a huge difference between low and high-quality foosball men. Ones that are going to be used on a medium price range table are generally better designed with a pointed toe and even cross hatching on the foot to help provide plenty of ball control. 

Side Rails

When a table has thicker side rails, then that is an obvious sign that you have moved up from a low range price table. Thicker side rails help to keep your table sturdy during play.

High Price Range ($1000+)

high cost foosball table tournament players playing

Foosball tables in the highest price range are obviously going to be loaded with impressive features that serve to set them apart from other options on this list. It’s a good idea to know what to look for when shopping for a high price range table so that you can rest easy knowing that every penny you spend is money well spent.

Sturdy and Heavy Weight

When you buy a high-quality table and are willing and able to spend a little bit more money on it, then you can expect it to be much heavier. While this does mean that you won’t be able to easily move it around in your home or office once you have it set up, it also means that the table won’t shift during play. This is really important, as a moving table that rocks during intense games can be really frustrating and make it difficult for players to take the game seriously.

High Quality Counter-weighted Players

Additionally, high-quality tables are more likely to have counterweighted players. This weight is located in the head of the player and helps to keep the players in the right position. Additionally, you will be able to easily rotate your men and put them into a horizontal position, if desired, without having to worry about them staying out of your way.

Sturdy Legs

The legs of a higher end foosball table are adjustable, which means that you can set up your new table on any type of flooring and not have to worry about whether or not the playing surface will be even. The adjustable legs often feature a threaded leg leveler on the base that makes it easy to lower or raise the table as necessary.

Durable Telescope Rods

Tables in a higher price range will also have durable rods that are designed to not only telescope, but freely spin, thanks to great ball bearings. This helps speed up the game and makes it more competitive.

As you can see, knowing what’s available in each of the price ranges when shopping for a foosball table is really important and will help keep you from making a poor decision. By knowing what you can expect from a foosball in the low, medium, and high price range, as well as what features you want, you can easily choose the right foosball table for you.