How Many Balls are there in a Foosball Game? (Do You Know the Rules?)

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How Many Balls are There In a Foosball Game?

Foosball is a game that’s existed for almost a hundred years now. Because of its age and widespread influence, there are many variations in how it’s played and what rules are used.

One of those variations includes the number of balls per game. We’ll explain to you how many balls are in a foosball game, as well as discuss some of the variations for you.

Let’s get started.

How Many Balls are there in a Foosball Game?

If you’re not very familiar with foosball, then you’re probably a bit confused by this question. You only ever see one ball on the table at any given time, so that must mean there’s only one ball in a game, right?

While that’s technically correct, this isn’t always what people mean when they refer to the number of balls in a game. Many people actually use it to reference how many matches are played in one game.

You know how you’ll play some games best two out of three, three out of five, or more? It’s exactly like that.

Playing one ball means you’re playing until one person scores. The number played to differs based on how formal the game is, but many play to nine balls.

This just means that players will go until someone gets the best out of nine before declaring the game over.

The Official Rules

"The rules change based on who’s playing and where they’re playing."

The rules change based on who’s playing and where they’re playing. In official International Table Soccer Federation tournaments, it’s a bit different.

In their rules, one point isn’t called a ball. Instead, it’s called a game. Winning the overall match requires players to reach the game target, or specific number of points necessary in that tournament.

Like other aspects of foosball, the game target changes from tournament to tournament. Some tournaments will use different rules because they’re a specific type of event or format.

Does it Matter How You Play?

At the end of the day, does it really matter which term you use or how you play?

Similar to other games, it depends on the circumstances in which you’re playing. It’s perfectly fine to follow casual rules when you’re just playing with friends.

If you’re hoping to become a professional player, though, you would do well to familiarize yourself with formal rules and practice accordingly. Failure to follow the rules of a tournament could get you disqualified.

A huge part of sticking to the rules is understanding the terminology. Learn what format and rules are used in each tournament you compete in, as well as which terms are used.

Wrap Up

The variations in terminology just show you how popular foosball has become. It wouldn’t have so many different terms if it weren’t played in a wide variety of circumstances.

Whether you call it a ball or a game target, the bottom line is that it’s a fun game that deserves its popularity. If you’re interested in bringing foosball into your home, consider getting a good table.

We’ve got a list of gorgeous solid wood foosball tables. They’re perfect for discerning players who want a table that looks as good as it plays.