6 Foosball Tables with Glass Tops You Can Use for a Coffee Table

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Are you looking for a foosball table with a glass top you can use as a coffee table? Then you're in luck! We managed to find 6 beautiful options that are going to make the room.

foosball table with glass top

Check them all out below...

Barrington 42” Wooden Foosball Table

​Barrington 42” Wooden Foosball Table

It can be tricky to find space for a foosball table and a coffee table, but you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this glass top foosball table. It is small enough to double as an attractive coffee table in your living room, but it is not so small that it is difficult for adults to play on, although everyone will have to sit or kneel during games in order to control the players. When the foosball game is over, the rods push in easily 

Not only can homeowners rest drinks, magazines, or remotes on top of the table when it is not in use, but this table has another shelf underneath the game, which is the perfect spot for storing items out of the way but keeping them close at hand. The attractive dark wood of the table is very classy and modern and will help to elevate the table from a simple foosball table into a beautiful piece of furniture that you are sure to be proud to have in your home.


  • Top piece of glass is easily lifted up from the table to allow for cleaning
  • Smaller size is great for tighter spaces, but still allows a family to enjoy a game of foosball
  • Attractive dark finish ensures that the table doesn’t look out of place in a living room
  • Easy to assemble, and all pieces fit together securely, so the table doesn’t wobble


  • There are reports of the foosball table shipping with broken pieces
  • Some users have reported that the glass top doesn’t fit properly on the table and can tend to wobble and move when something is placed on the top of the table

Steve Silver Company Diletta Foosball Table

Steve Silver Diletta Foosball Game Coffee Table with Casters in Walnut

Unlike some other foosball tables that have handles that stick out from the table so far that they are a nuisance to walk around, this foosball table is incredibly compact, making it safe to use in any home. Not only is it safe for family members to walk around, but it is also a lot of fun to play on, thanks to the fast action of the rods, the level playing surface, and the completely clear glass that allows players to see the movements that they are making.

With five casters, including two that are locking, it’s incredibly easy to move this foosball table to a new area in your living room when you want to change up the space. The tapered legs are incredibly durable and strong and keep the table from looking terribly bulky or heavy.


  • Shelf under main playing area is perfect for storing magazines, books, or other belongings
  • Dark color is attractive and keeps the table from looking low-quality or like a toy
  • Tempered glass is specifically chosen to ensure that the glass isn’t ever broken during play or when the table is not in use


  • There are reports of the wood chipping easily if something knocks into the side of the table
  • Some users have reported that the screws tend to fall out of the table during play, which requires immediate attention

Berner Billiards 48” Foosball Table

Berner Billiards 48” Foosball Table

The hand painted players in this foosball table really stand out and show the level of quality and commitment to excellence in this table. Not only are the players attractive, but they are easy to control and move smoothly back and forth thanks to the high-quality rods and bearings. The stainless steel trim on the ball return helps to elevate this foosball table and prevents it from looking lower in quality.

Not only can the table be used as a coffee table when nobody wants to play a game of foosball, but the second shelf is great for storing items off of the floor. The sturdy legs are not on casters, which means that there isn’t any concern about the table rolling out of the way or moving during a particularly heated and exciting game. Because the ball can be dropped in on the side of the game, the glass top doesn’t need to be lifted regularly, which will prevent damage to the table.


  • The attractive wooden beading elevates this piece and makes it perfect for a formal room
  • Rods telescope completely into the table when not being used to prevent injury
  • Assembly is fast and easy and results in a high-quality and attractive table


  • Some users have reported that this table has a few dead spots where the ball will roll, and it is impossible to reach it
  • There are reports of the glass being thinner than expected, which makes it easier to crack

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Table

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Durability is key when you buy a foosball table with a glass top, and this option is not only durable and designed for play without damage, but also is incredibly attractive and will improve the appearance of your living room. The adjustable leg levelers make it easy to keep the playing field flat and level so that there isn’t any problem with the ball rolling on its own, and the octagonal handles on the telescoping rods ensure that your hands are comfortable when playing.

With inlaid wood veneers in the playfield, hand-carved detailing on the players, and abacus scoring with attractive wooden beads, this foosball table is sure to stand out in any home. With a glass top you won’t ever have to worry about the table being damaged from a spilled drink or snack, and the top will also ensure that there isn’t any dust in the game, which is great as this can affect the bearings and slow down gameplay given enough time.


  • Made from all wood, no cardboard, which reduces wobble and provides a durable and strong playing surface
  • Very elegant in appearance and can quickly update any room
  • The table is easy to assemble and only requires attaching the legs to the top
  • Rubber stoppers on the bars allow for easy adjustment and best playing


  • There are reports of the middle of the playing field tending to sag, which will cause the ball to rest there, making play difficult
  • Can be difficult for teenagers and adults to play on due to the lower height of the table

Perfect for foosball fans who take pride in their game and want to play on a durable table that allows them to really dominate their opponent, this foosball table was designed specifically for hardy use, no matter the age of the person playing. The rounded player feet allow for excellent ball control, which is something that more advanced players tend to crave, and the playfield is smooth and durable so that the ball rolls easily at all times.

In addition to being sturdy, this table features telescoping rods to ensure that they are out of the way when the table is not in use, which is great for a home where there isn’t a lot of room for the table to be set up at all times. Not only are the rods safe, but they are designed for fast movements, ensuring that players can react quickly to shots from their opponents and will have complete control over the ball.


  • Anodized aluminum legs and sturdy body ensure that no matter how wild or heated the foosball game gets, this game is never damaged
  • The extra soft rubber handles are comfortable for players to hold during long tournaments and will prevent injury if someone walks into them
  • Glass top ensures that the ball won’t fly out and provides a safe place to place a drink or a snack during a game


  • Some users find it to be very spartan in design, which is not necessarily the best option in a living room

Ding Li DLFS P001 Foosball Table

Ding Li DLFS P001 Green Forest Party Foosball Table/Coin-Operated/Upload Your own Music

Business owners who want to add a foosball table to their location without worrying about its safety and homeowners who love the feeling of the arcade will both love this electronic and durable foosball table. Not only is the LED lighting attractive and fun, but this table automatically keeps score and can also play MP3s while the game is going on. This creates an interactive experience that is different from anything else that you have enjoyed before.

The table is not only advanced, as it has a hi/low switch for volume control, but it is also incredibly stable and able to withstand long games and hard shots without being damaged or having screws come loose. The pad lock mechanism on the foosball table ensures that if you have it set up in your business, you won’t need to worry about anyone stealing the money you made.  The tempered safety glass is durable enough to handle players leaning on it and is designed to not break, even if something accidentally falls on the top of the glass.


  • Ball automatically releases to the playfield, reducing stress or frustration from players
  • Bright green color is attractive and will make the foosball table really stand out
  • Durable enough to be used in a business setting without fear of the table being damaged
  • The win sensor allows for LED scoring, which is automatic and prevents both cheating and arguing during a game


  • Families will need to have coins on hand in order to operate the game

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