Foosball Ball Size (Everything You Need to Know)

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When buying a new foosball table, many people make a mistake of assuming that they can simply use one ball for every table. Balls actually vary in size, which means that everyone who owns a foosball table needs to make sure that they choose the right size for their needs.

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Doing so is the only way to ensure that the game works as desired and that the balls are easy to pass and to score.

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How Big Is a Foosball Ball?

There are a few different sizes that you can choose from when looking for balls for your new foosball table. Foosball balls are available in small balls that are around 31.75 to 32 mm. Medium foosball balls measure between 34.5 and 36 mm, while there are some that are 38 mm+, which are the ones that are regulation size.

The problem with using foosball balls that are too large for your table is that they can cause the table to jam. For this reason, many foosball players tend to choose medium or smaller balls, as it reduces any fear of the table being damaged.


Smaller balls tend to weigh less than regulation and larger balls, which means that they often have a little more speed to them and can be a bit more difficult to control. Before investing in smaller balls, players need to make sure that they have the skill level necessary to control these balls. They can be used on most tables since they won’t jam the table, but may not have all of the weight necessary to travel down the full length of the table. This means that players need to be able to pass the ball to themselves to maintain control of it throughout the game. 


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These balls weigh a bit more than smaller foosball balls, which does make them somewhat more easy to control. Thanks to their slightly larger size and heavier weight, they are much easier to pass from player to play and to shoot down to the end of the table. While they are not regulation size, they are much closer than small balls, making them a clear option to use for practice if regulation balls aren’t available. 


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Large foosball balls are typical regulation size and weight. It’s important, when training for a foosball competition, to make sure to use regulation size foosball balls. This will ensure that a player is able to easily control the ball and is used to the movement of the ball on the table. These balls are ideal to be used on regulation size and even most standard tables. The extra size of these balls adds a little additional weight to the ball, which can give players a lot more control over how the ball moves.

With a few different size options to consider, it’s important for any foosball table owner to make sure that they pick the right size for their table. This will ensure that they enjoy the best possible gameplay and that the ball fits the players and the size of the table. Commercial foosball tables need to have the right size used in them as otherwise they may jam or make continuous play problematic.