8 Best Italian Foosball Table Options for True Enthusiasts

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Searching for the best Italian foosball table options? We've selected eight graceful picks in a variety of styles and colors to accent your home or office decor. Check them out below...

best italian foosball table options

Check them out below...

Garlando G-5000 Wenge

Garlando G-5000 Wenge Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table

One of the greatest features about this foosball table is that the players have been molded onto the bars, which means that they will not easily break off or come loose during play. Users will be able to enjoy incredibly fast gameplay because of this feature and won’t ever have to worry about not having complete control over their players.

This foosball table also features plastic handles that contain wooden inserts. These inserts are designed to help players maintain their grip and to reduce perspiration, which can cause players to slip while playing and to miss their shot. Because the inside of the goals has been lined with felt, playing even a rowdy and busy game on this table won’t result in a lot of noise, which is a great feature for families to enjoy.


  • Telescopic rods do not sacrifice gameplay, as they are fast and easy to use

  • Thick legs add stability to the table and prevent it from shifting during play


  • Some users have reported that full service assembly is a good idea to ensure that the table is set up correctly, but this will add to the price of the table

Roberto Sport College Pro Covered Foosball Table

Users are sure to enjoy one of the best games of foosball of their lives thanks to this high-quality table and the attention to detail that the manufacturer adhered to during production. The anodized aluminum legs are specially designed to prevent the table from moving during play or from being damaged, and thanks to the soft plastic feet, the table will almost stick to the floor and won’t rock or shift position.

With extra soft rubber handles, this game is great for users of all ages. The covered playfield won’t be damaged if you spill a drink or snacks, and this makes the table incredibly easy to clean and also ensures that balls don’t pop up and out of the table during a heated game, which can be dangerous to users and onlookers.


  • Unbreakable glass playfield is designed to withstand hard play for hours without showing any signs of damage, making this a great at-home table or one in a business

  • The telescopic rods will not come out of the table, which prevents accidents


  • At 195 pounds, this table is almost impossible to move from its original position without assistance

Garlando F-200 Evolution Foosball Table

Garlando F-200 Evolution Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table

The black and yellow players on this foosball table have been securely molded to the bars to ensure that they won’t ever be damaged during gameplay, and this also ensures that players have a lot of control over moving the players and controlling the ball. The telescopic steel rods have been coated with an anti-rust plating that ensures that even in very humid conditions they won’t be damaged.

It’s easy to grab the ball from the basket that’s located behind each goal, which means that players can keep the game running quickly without a lot of delay. Finally, the attractive playing field is plastic laminate with white lines to mimic a foosball ground, which adds to the attractiveness of this table.


  • The 4x4” square legs are designed to offer incredible stability and security

  • High-quality steel roller bearings ensure fast gameplay and are also included to prevent any damage to wrists


  • Some users have reported that there are broken parts of the table when it is shipped

  • There are some reports that the cross braces used to add stability aren’t durable and can easily crack during shipping or during assembly

Roberto Sport College Pro International Foosball Table

This bright and fun foosball table will add a splash of color to any location where you set it up and ensures that you can play incredibly fast and competitive games thanks to the quality of components used, as well as the speed at which the ball will travel on the playing field. The glass playfield is specifically chosen to ensure that the balls travel quickly and that there aren’t any dead spots on the table.

The red handles on the telescopic rods are easy for users to see when playing the game and to quickly grab, and they are designed to prevent soreness in the hand and the wrist, which is great for competitive players who want to play for hours, as they won’t have to worry about any wrist pain.


  • Aluminum top has been designed to help protect the table from any damage from sunlight or humidity, ensuring that it looks great in years to come

  • Playfield is made from a tempered glass that is unbreakable and 5 mm thick, allowing for fast ball movements and play


  • The bright color scheme may look out of place in some homes or businesses

Garlando F-100 Foosball Table

Garlando Foosball Table - F-100

Thanks to the warm color laminate on the cabinet of this foosball table, it will look great in most any home and add a touch of warmth and elegance to the room. At only 122 pounds, it’s fairly easy for two people to move on their own, which ensures that the floor won’t be scratched when it’s time to find a new spot in the house for the table.

Because the goalkeeper is able to rotate a full 360 degrees, users are able to have a lot of control over the ball and power when shooting it with their goalie. Additionally, slanted corners help to keep the ball moving when it rolls into the corners so players don’t have to shake or nudge the table.


  • Thick legs help to prevent the table from moving during play

  • The hollow steel rods are easy to move and offer fast gameplay, which is great for competitive users


  • There are reports of there being a lot of dead zones along the edges of the table where the ball can’t be reached by players

  • Some users have reported that the legs don’t come with adjusters, making it difficult to completely level the table

Roberto Sport College International Foosball Table

The sturdy and laminated body of this foosball table is designed to withstand hours of play without showing any signs of wear or tear and without having any blemishes on the surface. Thanks to the bright red color of the cabinet, this table will not blend in, no matter where you place it, and is sure to be a focal point in any room of your home.

The square player feet have been designed to offer a lot of control over the ball and to make it easy for players to improve their ability. The unbreakable glass playfield allows for fast and smooth movement of the ball, and thanks to the plastic bushings, there is reduced wear and friction on the table to ensure that it will last for a very long time.


  • Bright blue and red players are easy for users to distinguish, even when they are playing a heated and fast game

  • Tapered table legs are attractive and add to the overall beauty and appearance of the piece


  • Some users have reported that it can be difficult to easily level the table to ensure the best gameplay

Garlando Master Pro Foosball Table

Garlando Master Pro Indoor Foosball/Soccer Folding Game Table

The attention to quality and detail is what this foosball table really sets apart from others. Steel roller bearings included in the rods will reduce any stress on the wrist and will also allow players to have a lot of control and speed when playing on this table. Additionally, the laminated play field is designed for fast ball movement and is bright green with white lines, adding to the beauty of the table.

Because the legs will easily fold up and allow the table to be stored and transported, this is a great option for users without tons of space or who want to take their table on the go. The legs are reinforced, which ensures that when the table is up and in use that they won’t wobble or bend.


  • Cube score counters match the player colors to make it easy for users to keep score and to ensure that the table has a color scheme

  • Foldable legs allow the table to be stored out of the way, which is great for users who don’t have room for the table to be set up all the time


  • There are some reports of assembly being a little difficult

Roberto Sport Revolution ITSF Foosball Table

Foosball fans who are worried about how they will be able to grip the rods and control them will appreciate the rubber latex knobs included on this foosball table. This material was chosen to ensure that all users are able to enjoy a great grip on the rod and to have a lot of control over the movement, direction, and speed of the players and ball.

The springs that are on both ends of the rods help to cushion any impact of the rods on the table and allow users to enjoy a quiet game, which is great for families who don’t want to be disturbed with people are playing on the table. Additionally, this foosball table is the official one for International Table Soccer Federation events, which means that it has great attention to detail and quality play.


  • Iron legs are incredibly durable and covered with an attractive paint job that is not easy to mar or stain

  • The rods are treated using a double chrome plating to ensure that they won’t ever be damaged and also to prevent the possibility of any rust


  • Weighs over 200 pounds

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