Best Foosball Players Of All Time (My 8 Favorites)

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When you are looking to improve your game or simply want to watch someone who excels at this sport, then it’s a good idea to spend some time checking out what I consider to be the best foosball players in the world. 

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Foosball players and fans love having someone to look up to, which is why so many people love to see what their favorite foosball players are able to do in competition.

Watching them play this game is sure to inspire you to spend some time behind a table and enjoy the game yourself.

Kevin Hundstorfer

An Austrian who excels at the snake shot style, Kevin Hundstorfer won his first championship in 2007, which led to him officially starting his career. He is known for winning the ITSF Men’s Single World Championship in 2013 as well as in 2015, making him one of the best foosball players in the world. In addition, he is known for having collected many ITSF world titles, even though he is only 29 years old. He quickly became one of the most desired foosball players in the world, thanks to his fast rise to fame and his skill behind the table.

Tony Spredeman

Tony Spredeman is an American who is not only a multiple world champion, but is also considered to be one of the top players in doubles foosball. He is known for being one of the top foosball players throughout the entire world, especially when playing on the Tornado table. One thing that skyrocketed him to fame was when he became the Fireball tables’ global spokesperson. This made him much more visible and helped bring him into the public eye, increasing awareness of who he is as well as his passion for foosball. Additionally, he is known for his snake shot playing style, which makes him a great player to watch, thanks to his skill when using this tricky style.

Todd Loffredo

This American veteran player is considered by many to be the best foosball player in the entire world, especially since he is a multiple World Champion. He is significantly older than some of the other great foosball players in the world, but that just means that he has had a lot more time practicing than they have, as his age does not slow him down. He quickly enjoyed fame in 2003 when he won the Master Title. This caused him to be the first three-peat winner for this specific event. In addition, he is well known for playing incredibly well in the doubles category, especially with favored partner Frédéric Collignon, where he is a true stand-out. He is known for a pull shot and king pin shooting style.

Ryan Moore

At just 26, Ryan Moore became the top ranked foosball player in the world, which is unsurprising given that he had been playing since he was able to walk. He is known for being great at mixed shots as well as being a highly technical player. In fact, he is the only American foosball player who has been able to beat Frédéric Collignon on his own turf. In 2009 he won the ITSF Men’s Single World Championship, making him the best youngest foosball player in the world. He is one of the few players devoted and talented enough to be able to enjoy playing foosball as his job.

Frédéric Collignon

Known for his Euro pin style, Frédéric Collignon is an incredibly powerful and well-liked foosball player. He completely dominated the world foosball scene from 1997-2012. During this time, he won the ITSF multi-table World Championship a total of seven times, the World Championships on Tornado tables a total of five times, and other ITSF tables. In addition to playing on his own, he is known for being an exceptional partner with Todd Loffredo. Since he is known for being the top ranked European player in the US as well as for having won more world championships than any other player, he is often considered as the best player in the world. Even though he retired in 2012, he continues to play from time to time and continues to win when he does play.

Sven Wonsyld

Sven Wonsyld is known for his Euro pin and snake shot shooting style. At only 35, he has won the ITSF World Cup Singles Men as well as ranked in the CNFT 1 singles and ITSF World Championship Series Singles. Comfortable on many different types of tables, he is a formidable opponent who last won the ITSF World Cup Singles Men Champions in 2014 when it was hosted in Nantes, France.

Miguel Dos Santos Lote

This young player excels at the Euro pin shooting style and quickly racks up a lot of points, thanks to all of the competitions that he is in each year. He has an impressive list of wins to his name, making him a very skilled and reputable player. With 10 wins in the CNFT 2 Singles, three in the Championnat de France Singles Junior, and three in the Championnat de France Singles Pro-Master/Master, it’s very easy to see why he is one of the top-rated foosball players in the world at this time.

Billy Pappas

Known for being both a foosball player and an amateur poker player, Billy Pappas has been ranked one of the world’s best Tornado players since he was only 20 years old. He tends to partner with Tony Spredeman when playing foosball doubles. He won the Men’s Singles ITSF WCS four times and twice won the Men’s Singles Tornado Champions. He plays with a mixed shooting style.

As you can see, any of these great foosball players are sure to give you the inspiration that you need to try out this fun game for yourself. It’s highly competitive and takes much more skill and practice than some people think, making it a wonderful game for when you want to really apply yourself to something fun and fast-paced. If you ever need some inspiration to play foosball, then check out one of these top players.